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Germany adopts a simplified admission procedure for refugees from Ukraine

Germany has enacted a special regulation for refugees from Ukraine. This applies to Ukrainians as well as to many individuals who have a permanent residence title in Ukraine and have fled to Germany. Refugees from Ukraine should also register in Germany, but they do not submit a classic asylum application. In a simplified procedure they apply for a residence title for a certain period of time (according to section 24 Residence Act). This residence title usually also entitles them to take up a job and to attend an integration course.

More information on the legal situation, also in Ukrainian, can be found here:

People who have fled to Germany from Ukraine can live with private persons (friends, families or voluntary supporters), receive financial support from the state and access to the health care system after registration.

If you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or intersex and are looking for accommodation with a private person, the following agencies will support you in your search:

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