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How can we learn from each other’s different experiences and perspectives?

Second Germany-wide network meeting of refugee LGBTI activists in Mainz

Refugee LGBTI activists from all over Germany have met for the second time already in order to continue their work within their new network. This time, the meeting was held in Mainz, in cooperation with Rainbow Refugees Mainz.

The meeting, that took place on the third of March 2018, aimed to collect the experiences of LGBTI refugees of different sexual orientations and gender identities and to discuss how the refugee activists can approach these issues. The discussion focused mainly on the problems of LGBTI refugees during the asylum procedure, on their security in the camps and on assignment and distribution practices. With regard to the planned AnkER-centres, many questions were raised by the participants: How can security be guaranteed there? How will LGBTI refugees get access to LGBTI organizations? And how will they be informed about their rights and possibilities in Germany?