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How should one handle discrimination and hostility?

Third Germany-wide networking meeting of refugee LGBTI activists took place in Bremen

Refugee LGBTI activists from all over Germany have met for the third time already in order to continue their activities within their network. This time, the meeting was held in the form of a workshop in Bremen, in cooperation with “Rat und Tat e.V.” .

The third workshop was on the topic of discrimination and hostility experienced by LGBTI refugees in Germany. Dealing with discrimination and hostility in everyday life is a huge challenge for every LGBTI person, especially those who seek refuge or migrate to Germany due to their sexuality and gender identity. The goal of the workshop was to identify organizations and authorities that offer help in Germany when people are discriminated against at work and at home or if they face hostility in their day to day life due to their sexuality and gender identity. There were fifteen participants from nine federal states of Germany and from ten countries of origin participating in the workshop. The participants identified different organizations in their federal states that offer help in cases of discrimination and hostility faced by LGBTI people. There was a discussion on the role and capacities of the police. One of the main issues that was raised during this workshop was the safety and security of LGBTI refugees in planned AnKer centres. How will the German government ensure that LGBTI refugees will not face hostility from other refugees in Anker centres?