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“Queer Refugees Germany” publishes booklet for integration courses

The curriculum of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) clearly stipulates that newly immigrated people should also learn about the rights and situation of LGBTI+ people in Germany in the orientation courses. Often, however, the course instructors lack suitable materials to adequately convey this content. Because: In the textbooks available in the trade, the topics are usually dealt with insufficiently and superficially. With the brochure “Diversity Welcome!”, the project “Queer Refugees Germany” has now for the first time developed a comprehensive accompanying booklet that complements the existing materials.

The booklet has been developed for teaching orientation courses. It takes up important content on the topics of sexual orientation and gender identity. On 20 pages, it deals with the legal situation, historical background, social movement and individual life plans. The booklet conveys knowledge about the terms around LGBTI+ people and tries to raise awareness of the topics and promote acceptance through encounters with different people and their biographies. The booklet is designed in such a way that it serves as a separate teaching unit and can be edited in several lessons in a row. In addition, thematic units of the booklet can also be used in addition to individual hours. In terms of content, it fits all three modules of the orientation course, i.e. “Politics in Democracy”, “History and Responsibility” and “People and Society”.

The accompanying booklet “Vielfalt Welcome!” can be ordered as a print copy easily and free of charge by e-mail and is also available for download.